Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Letter to Georgetown members

December 9, 2014

Dear Tribal Member,
I am pleased to inform you that our environmental committee has been hard at work since the start of their term last February.  The committee has been very helpful in providing guidance for the growth and development of the GTC environmental program.    

Over the past year, the environmental committee has been working on establishing and prioritizing environmental priority issues, developing proposal materials for future funding, and giving guidance on the role the GTC is playing in the Donlin Gold permitting process and Red Devil cleanup.  The committee has also established a vision and mission statement for the GTC environmental department, listed here:

Vision Statement:  To have a community and environment where land, water, and subsistence resources are preserved and respected.

Mission Statement: To monitor and preserve the traditional tribal lands in and around the Native Village of Georgetown by being proactive in environmental issues, working together, and utilizing traditional and contemporary data and knowledge to accomplish goals set forth by the Tribe.

Environmental committee members include Buddy Kutch, Debby Hartman, and Renee Fredericks.  They were originally scheduled to serve a one year term, ending in February 2015.  At our most recent meeting, it was decided that barring any objections from tribal members, the term for these members would be extended through August 2015.  At the next GTC annual meeting, we will take nominations for any additional tribal members that may be interested in serving on the environmental committee. 

If you have interest in serving on the environmental committee prior to that date, or have any objections to the extension of current member seats, please contact the GTC office at 907-274-2195 or Buddy Kutch at b_kutch@hotmail.com.


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