Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Protecting The Native Village of Georgetown's Future

January 15, 2014

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is developing a new land use plan for an area in western Alaska that encompasses approximately 62 million acres of land, including 10.6 million acres managed by the BLM.  Follow this link to view the map for the area of land covered.

Resource management plans provide the BLM with comprehensive, long-term direction concerning the use and management of resources on BLM-managed public lands. The BSWI RMP will among other things, provide direction for site-specific activity planning and implementation of specific tasks in the future. Some issues and management concerns the new RMP will address include, but are not limited to:
  • Management of human uses and activities, such as recreation and mining;
  • Protection of areas with critical or unique values, such as wild and scenic rivers; and
  • Management of natural and cultural resources, such as wildlife, fish, cultural sites, and vegetation.
The Bureau of Land Management is requesting input from the public about how these 26.6 million acres of land should be managed, as well as feedback on local resident usage and development issues to consider.  Comments are due on January 17th.

Both Alaska Natives and surrounding communities – approximately 78 communities in all, including Georgetown – depend upon the bounty of these lands and waters and the vast populations of wildlife they support for their livelihoods as commercial fisherman, and for subsistence, cultural and traditional practices.
BLM held several community meetings during the scoping process.  Find out what residents of Chuathbaluk, Crooked Creek, and others had to say.
Comments were made like,
"We frequently use the George River for subsistence moose, caribou, salmon, and trap beaver. There used to be 8,000 people that lived up the George River at one time." 
"We like the way BLM lands are currently managed and do not welcome a lot of change. BLM has little interference in our lives, we would like it to stay that way."  
Specific areas important for fishing, hunting, cultural importance, burial grounds are all encouraged to be documented for the BLM to take into consideration from tribes in the area of the new RMP. For ideas about issues to consider, take a minute to read this page.

Georgetown is in this area! Please make comments today to protect future needs of Georgetown members. 

Add your name to an already drafted comment, with the option to add personal comments here.

OR  submit your own scoping comments to the BSWI Team at

You may also submit comments by regular mail:

BLM Anchorage Field Office
Attn: BSWI Team
4700 BLM Road
Anchorage, AK 99507



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