Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Alternative Energy in Rural Alaska: Yes or No?

July 6, 2011

What is alternative energy?  It is nontraditional power generation sources for electrical power such as wind, solar, hydro etc...  The benefits of alternative energy sources are the lack harmful air emissions  and the elimination of waste byproducts (radioactive)that are typical waste streams from coal combustion power plants and nuclear power plants.  Furthermore, wind, solar and hydro resources will not exhausted and cost saving are great especially in remote areas.   

Remote areas in Alaska depend mainly on engine generators which use diesel fuel and propane for power.  The cost of diesel fuel and propane in rural Alaska is very expensive and prices are steadily increasing so alternative energy is a welcome new idea.

However, the downsize is high initial setup costs associated with alternative energy which range from $1000s to $10,000s depending on location and terrain.  (

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